Frequently Asked Questions


can i build a bigger greenhouse?

Yes. We created two sizes of the HopsHouse for those who are looking to get started relatively quickly. For a significantly larger project we would upgrade to a greenhouse structure meant to cover larger areas.


does the pricing include installation and delivery?

Not unless your greenhouse becomes larger than the two houses we currently offer.


Do you provide growing assistance?

No. We are a greenhouse manufacturer (some of our employees have growing experience), but we are not growing consultants. We can go over the growing systems more in-depth, though.


I have a business plan...

That's very exciting! However, our expertise does not extend beyond a structure/project proposal.


Can you give me a quote for operational costs?

This varies for each project and is dependent on the location, systems and equipment you choose.


Is there a HopsHouse I can visit?

If we get a client willing to open their doors, we will let you know, but not right now.