•    30’ x 108’
•    30’ x 60’
•    Single sliding door

Roof, Sides, and Ends:
•    Double inflated polyethylene roof
•    Solar-woven fabric, Center-Roll Curtain with motor
•    White/Black/White 8 mm poly-carbonate end walls
•    Blackout Curtain System

Greenhouse Equipment:
•    RBI Horizontal airflow fans
•    Efficient natural gas or propane heater
•    CO2 generator
•    Fan and shutter ventilation with light traps 

Grow Lights:
•    High pressure sodium grow lights
•    LED top-lighting and inter-lighting*

•    Fertilizer venture based dosing with touch screen
•    EC, pH, and flow sensor measurement
•    Nutrient line aeration
•    Multiple irrigation zone and valve control
•    Recipe stock tanks and day water storage*
•    Water pre-filtration and sanitization*

Growing System*:
•    Bato bucket growing system*
•    Pressure compensated drip irrigation with flushing capabilities*
•    Lean and lower trellis hanging system*

•    Environmental control of vents, shade curtains, heaters, lights, and fans
•    Irrigation control of fertigation system and zones
•    Data collection from weather station, greenhouse environmental sensors, and water irrigation


*denotes optional item